Remarkable nature, Exceptional cuisine, Cultural diversity 

A scenic country laden with the best of natural beauty, scrumptious cuisine to treat your taste buds, marvelous colonial structures. Visit the capital city of Hanoi with both cultural and colonial architectural buildings. Make the day count at its night market and walking street. Get a chance to witness the marvelous archipelagos as you voyage on the sapphire blue waters of Halong Bay, along with the urban beat of the capital city,

Ho Chi Minh City with vibrating energy, classic French architecture, age-old pagodas, and sleek skyscrapers has a striking distinction between the old and the new. Owing to its rich history and turbulent past, the city is still seen as rooted in its culture and proudly boasts its past through war memorials and museums. Visit the Cu Chi tunnels, 75 km away from the city which once served as a battleground gets an insight into the city's trembling past. Do you know Vietnam’s  inhabitancies date back to the  Paleolithic age, establishments on the Red River Delta in modern-day northern Vietnam ?

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