Cruise Ships

Cruise Ships are large passenger ships used for vacationing. Cruises typically embark on round – trip voyages to various ports - of - call, where passengers go on shore excursions or land tours. Cruise ships have many amenities to cater to the tourists.Lakshadweep welcomes you with pristine beaches , awe inspiring seascapes with a thriving ecosystem, Lakshadweep is a destination that outshines its reputation. The name is derived from Sanskrit, signifying, ‘one hundred thousand islands’.For the first time ever, travellers can now sail the high seas and explore the islands with Cordelia Cruises. Lakshadweep’s magnificence lies underwater with lagoons and coral reefs, making it the only place in India where you can snorkel in the reefs. Combined with the unlimited onboard experiences and the numerous excursions along the destinations, the Lakshadweep cruises are extraordinary and the perfect holiday for adventurers.Make your journey onboard Cordelia Cruises as beautiful as the destination. Choose from wonderfully crafted itineraries and plan an unforgettable experience.

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